MONKIND Size Guide & Product Care

Size Guide & Product Care


Size Guide

ca. Age Height (cm)Height (inch)EU SizeUK SizeUS SizeAU Size
0-2 monthup to 56up to 2250-560-3 MonthsNewborn00000/0000
2-6 month57-6822-2762-683-6 Months3m/6m000/00
 6-12 month69-8027-3174-806-12 Months6m/9m/12m00/0
10 -18 month75-8630-3480-861-2 Years12m/18m/2T0/1
1,5 – 3 year87-9834-3892-982-3 Years2T/3T1/2
3,5 – 5 year99-11039-43104-1103-4 Years4T/42/3
4,5 – 6 year105-11641-47110-1164-5 Years4T/4/53/4
5,5 – 6,5 year111-12244-48116-1225-6 Years5/64/6

Disclaimer: the above table is not definitive and serves merely as a guide. If you’re not sure you can always get in touch here…

Product Care

We use natural, organic cotton fabrics. A slight shrinkage of 1-2% can occur after the first wash. Non-organic cottons are often treated with chemicals to reduce the effects of shrinkage. Organic cottons do not have this chemical treatment therefore a slight shrinkage is completely normal!

Avoid tumble drying, this can increase shrinkage up to 4-5%. To protect the colours, we recommend washing the garments inside out.

Woolen, fleece and knitted items should be washed cold, dried flat and pulled into form after the wash.

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