Buying clothes online can be tricky. Every brand has a slightly different sizing system and all our bodies – even kid’s – are different!

That’s why we created measurement tables for each item. We just updated this site and will upload them soon. If you're not sure, ask us:


We use natural, GOTS-certified organic cotton fabrics. A shrinkage of 1-3% can occur after the first wash. Non-organic cottons are often treated with chemicals to reduce the effects of shrinkage. Organic cottons do not have this chemical treatment therefore a slight shrinkage is completely normal! We always advise our customers to buy one size up from what they think they need.

Avoid tumble drying, this can increase shrinkage up to 4-5%. To protect the colours, we recommend washing the garments inside out.

Washing clothes too often can also damage the environment.

Woolen, cotton fleece and knitted items should be washed cold, dried flat and pulled into form after the wash.