Family. Sustainability. Style.

MONKIND is a socially responsible family-run Berlin brand founded in 2014. Valeria - the designer in the family - makes simple, bold, minimal clothing for kids and adults that lasts and can be passed on to future generations. We always use GOTS-certified organic or innovative and sustainable materials

Structure. Colour. Inclusivity.

Our clothes are original, comfortable, modern and stylish. We avoid bright, gender-specific colours and styles. Above all, our garments and accessories are inclusive, for all babies and adults.


MONKIND is born out of the creativity and freedom of the rejuvenated city of Berlin. In our store in Berlin-Schöneberg you can find one-off productions samples and prototypes, as well as a wide range of clothes from collections, past and present. Our clothes are manufactured by small, family-run factories in northern Portugal, which we visit and monitor regularly, ensuring that workers are treated and paid fairly. We ship globally with over a hundred stockists in five continents.