More Lives is a new scheme where you can return used MONKIND clothes back to us, and we will either:

a) repair or upcycle and return them back to you, or

b) give you a voucher to use against other products from our on- and offline store

We are trying to reduce our impact in the global fashion industry, which collectively buries a lorry-load of old clothes in landfill EVERY. SINGLE. SECOND. Therefore, we want to encourage further use and “MORE LIVES” from our clothes.

The following conditions apply for More Lives:

  • Only MONKIND clothes can be returned to us. You can return in the store, or via post. For postal returns, please print and fill out this form.
  • You have two options for returned items: receive a voucher for the MONKIND On- and Offline Store for 50% of the resale value of the item, or pay for the repair or upcycling services.
  • The resale value of the item is calculated internally and depends on the condition category the item falls into:
    • New (unworn, unwashed, ideally with hang tags)
    • Nearly New (worn and/or washed, but no visible signs of use)
    • OK (still looks good, but is beginning to look well-worn)
    • Well-Worn (looks like it had a good life and was worn many times)
    • Damaged (has stains, rips, holes, missing care label)
  • For repair or upcycling services, you must send the item(s) and instructions to us, and we will quote a price for the service. Prices may vary depending on the service requested.
  • After confirmation and payment, we will return the repaired or upcycled item(s) to you.
  • We can only accept clean, animal hair-free, and strong odour-free clothes.
  • If we receive clothes that are not clean, have animal hair or strong odours, or are unrepairable, we can ship them back to you for our standard shipping fee.
Reach out to us if you have any questions!